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Petition rewrite for Awake and Empowerment expo website

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this petition to end the unhealthy and money wasting practice of public water fluoridation in the City of Detroit. … Continue reading

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Auto responder example

Dear Subscriber, Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office until March 15 and will reply to your email when I return. For information on booking Mr. Jones … Continue reading

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Awake and Empowered Expo web site copy

Ancient Civilizations: There is more to the history of ancient civilizations than the limited and boring material we read and learned from our school textbooks. From the Mayan calendar to … Continue reading

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Fashion Advertisement

A dress advertisement example

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Time to drop the Tennis Racket and walk off the court

Time to Drop the Tennis Racket and Walk off the Court

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Articles from Thumb Print News

The following articles are from when I wrote for the New Baltimore Thumbprint News. Lighting the Scene: The lighting in a photograph can make the difference between average and wow.  This … Continue reading

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Donation solicitation letter for homeless shelter

Shelter for Youth Helping Homeless Youth since 1999 123 Anywhere Lane Any Town, USA 10000 1-(800)-555-5555 Dear William Smith, As you know the approaching holiday’s mean time with family and … Continue reading

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Direct sales letter for dog treats

Are you unknowingly feeding your dog antifreeze? [Show a picture of person pouring antifreeze into dog dish with dog watching] [Email lift-note] You might be—If your dog’s treats are processed … Continue reading

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Web site inspirational copy

Destroying F.U.D. through God by Susan B. James Are you unknowingly allowing F.U.D to run your life?… So what is F.U.D. and how does it affect you personally? F.U.D. is … Continue reading

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Healing Program CD set direct sales letter

Ancient healing method stops PGSS dead in its Tracks! Face it—we live in a stress filled world of gripers who complain about their life, family, money, and their jobs. We … Continue reading

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